Why dismiss erotica?

My own erotic fantasises are unusual… I think.  But how would I ever know?  In Western society, we don’t discuss sexuality openly.  It’s still somehow considered sinful, shameful, private. I wonder sometimes, if we were to discuss the topic, whether our secret fantasies and desires might not range wider and far wilder than any of us suspect?

We might all be a little more interesting than the masks our society forces us to wear.  Wouldn’t it be odd, if everybody was doing that, just because we all think that’s what everybody else wants us to do?  How strange, if we were all sitting locked in little boxes that we ourselves had built and then stepped into of our own accord?  Boxes we did not dare step out of, because each of us thought “I am the only one who dreams of something more”.  No one else is like me.

How odd that would be.

If I google erotica, transformation, gender swap, mind control, hypnosis, … I find I’m very far from alone.  At least, when I can be anonymous.  The same goes for almost any fantasy or fetish you could imagine, I rather suspect. But in real life, it’s not so easy.

And it all seems to stem from the fact that our society has somehow wandered into this place it is now, because the control of morality and ethics was ceded to the church; through a series of struggles for power within the church, by people certain they knew what was best for everyone, over a period of many centuries.  In these days, where we’ve discovered that bottling up sexual desires has lead to truly awful abuses against children; where research shows that people who are brought up with strict religious beliefs are less kind than those who are not… well, for me, at least, it makes me question the validity of the assertion that sex is wrong, or bad, or shameful.

And makes me wonder whether erotic fiction might not be one part of a positive change?