Human sexual identity is a curious thing.  We used to think it was binary: male and female, on or off.  Over the years, we seem to have had to adjust our thinking, however, as we realized it wasn’t that simple: it’s as rich and complex as human beings themselves.

And this site?  Well, it has an adult focus, since I do plan to start publishing some erotic fiction, with a theme of sexual transformation, including both physical and mental transformations.  This site will not contain erotica, however, but thoughts about it.  For example, why has Western society relegated erotic fiction to the rubbish pile?  Why can’t erotic fiction be as well-written, well-thought out, and well-plotted as any other genre?  Why do we treat such an important part of our identity as something secret, or shameful, or not open for discussion or serious attention?

Where this will lead?  I don’t know.  Let’s find out, together.

Selkie, Nov 2015


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